Why Visit The Sensi Restaurant

The Sensi Restaurant offers a contemporary dining experience for vegetarians and vegans. We provide a current menu presenting the assortment of delicious and high-quality vegetarian and vegan dishes for breakfast, snacks and heavy meals. Our diner has a refreshing ambience with good music and friendly faces and our services are aimed at giving you the best of what we can offer.


Our Food

Our goal is to support those who desire a change of diet or lifestyle from being meat-eaters to becoming vegetarians and vegans, just as much as giving our patrons their most enjoyed comfort foods. This is made possible with our great tasting vegetarian and vegan meals made from natural ingredients, which are meticulously selected in harmony of our local and world consciousness.

Here are some of the food choices you can enjoy in our place:

  • Breakfast and Brunch – Our breakfast and brunch menu offers delicious dishes for a classic home breakfast. We provide home-style breakfast platters for full house fried rice, scrambled tofu, pancakes, waffles, taco, vegan steaks, and vegan French toasts. We also have vegan omelet platters served with different ingredients of which you can choose from including vegan sausages, spinach, mushrooms, zucchini, and cheddar or Swiss cheese.
  • Salads – We offer different traditional salads mainly consisting the garden goodness of lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, mushrooms, spinach and much more. Choose from our various vegan dressing including the balsamic vinegar and olive oil, cashew cream, and honey mustard.
  • Snacks – We have a good number of vegetarian snacks like the classic vegetarian hamburger, vegan chicken and fish sandwich, and vegan steak sandwich.
  • Heavy meals – Our menu for delicious lunch and dinner platters have a lot to offer starting off with vegan barbeque ribs, vegan roast steak, veggie ultimate, Thai and Indian curry, and much more.
  • Side orders and desserts – We provide side dishes like veggie fries, salad, hash browns, pancakes, and avocado. We have raw cheesecakes layered with one or more of honey, lemon, pistachios, banana, and dark chocolate.

Some of our foods are gluten-free and soy-free. Please inform us beforehand about any food allergies you may have. Vegetarians are not of the same degrees, thus, we are welcome for requests of any food modifications.

Our Place

While we take pride in the best quality of food we offer, we know that food is not everything when dining out. We desire to give you cool and light ambience as you dine with us. The designs of our lighting, wall furnishings and paints, sound proofing, and ventilation are optimized to give you the best comfort and relaxation you can have with your visit.

Our Services

We want you to have the same smiles and good vibes upon entering and leaving our restaurant. Our servers and crews are pleased to receive and serve you with the best friendly way they can. To add up to the delight of occasions and to preserve the graceful atmosphere of the place, we also provide good gentle music for your entertainment.

How to Order like A Pro

Ordering etiquettes are as much important as the other dining etiquettes. Here are the proper manners you need to remember when placing orders.

  1. Be polite.

No matter what type of restaurant you are in any country you may be, being polite with your waiters plays a significant role in an effective communication. For starters, if the waiter greets you, greet back optimistically. Try not to intimidate waiters for them to be more efficient with their job. An intimidated waiter may get your orders wrong and consequently give you longer waiting time for your orders to be served.

  1. Place orders decisively.

Most of the time, drinks are the first orders and the first to be served. This is to give you a span of time to decide on what you would like to order from the menu. When the drinks are served, you can then place your meal orders and stay hydrated as you wait for them to be served.

However, if you have not yet made up your mind by the time the drinks are served or when your table attendant is waiting for it, it is important to let the waiter know that you have not yet decided and then ask for a moment. You can take as much time in deciding what you want, but holding your waiter as you keep changing your mind on your orders has an underlying impact on the overall atmosphere of the restaurant. Newcomers may become impatient with no one attending on their orders, or some orders are lying in the kitchen waiting to be served to other patrons. If you have then decided on your orders but the waiter is not nearby, closing the menu signals that you are ready to order and that the waiter can then attend to you.

  1. Communicate your inquiries and requests clearly.

When visiting a restaurant for the first time, you normally have no idea about the menu. You can ask what the waiter can recommend. If you have finally chosen your meal courses, be prepared for the extra questions, clarifications, and suggestions from your waiter. Be crystal clear and specific with your orders and speak about any request for the order. If you are ordering a coffee, specify if you want it with sugar and cream. If you want any special fillings, ask for it. If you have any allergies with some ingredient, you can try to ask if it is possible to have it removed from the dish.

In terms of bills, if your group wants a separate bill, state it beforehand, even before the drinks or appetizers. Asking it after the meal can again cause inconvenience to your service provider and even to you.

The good manners of placing orders are sometimes overlooked or even perceived as overrated. You can just place your orders and forget about it until it arrives. Nevertheless, exercising good ordering etiquettes may surprise you with convenience and good vibes all throughout your dining, as it keeps you away from troubles of wrong orders, long waiting times and bad-mood waiters.

Best Ways to Deal with Food Temptations

Food temptations seem to be especially strong when you are well on your way to a healthy lifestyle. Most especially when you are in the transition stage of becoming a vegetarian, you may have that solid willpower to persevere on a plant-based diet, but there will always be those circumstances of which you must have a head-on battle with your cravings. Special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, office events, and many others always correspond to festive eating, and if there is not much of a number of vegetarians around that circle, you might just give in and tell yourself “just this once”. Food temptations are also present on a daily basis, like passing through a non-vegetarian food stall of hamburgers or your old favorite fast-food chain on your way home.

Temptations are inevitable because of the many factors that trigger it aside from facing the situations aforementioned. Cravings may also spring out of emotions, boredom, hunger, and even the thought of being deprived of something. Whatever the case may be, you have to be ready to win it over.

Here are the tips on how to deal with food temptations.

  • Take It One Day At A Time

Changing from a non-vegetarian diet to plant-based one, or even altering a diet full of unhealthy stuff with a healthy eating lifestyle, the transition period is always the hardest part. Nonetheless, you need to keep your mind set firmly towards your goal. Being successful on a daily basis is already a great achievement. Over time, you may not notice it but your taste buds will eventually adopt your lifestyle and you will soon get used to not giving in to temptations.

  • Small Steps Matter

Stay hydrated. Be sure to drink an ample amount of water every day. Dehydration makes you feel hungry and hunger may stimulate your cravings. As much as possible, keep yourself away from craving triggers, but if it starts, you can try to suppress it by reminding yourself what you will have to start over again if you give in to it. When faced with temptations, you can instead walk away from it, but if in any case it is not possible, for instance, family events, you can instead fill yourself full with your veggie meals first, then make yourself busy helping out with the event.

  • Keep The Better Choices In; Keep The Bad Choices Out

Be sure to keep the good choices within your reach. When you are craving for something else, you can instead count on them to answer it. Do not store food that you are not supposed to eat in any place accessible. You may think of buying it for the visitors or for someone else, but having it close to you may lead you to fight against the temptation of trying it piece by piece by piece.

  • Be motivated

One great weapon you can use when fighting against temptation is motivation. Whatever the reasons you have for adopting a vegetarian diet, or any other healthy diet for that matter, amplify it as much as you can. Remember the long term gains you will have as compared to the short-term delights when giving in to temptations.


7 Vegetarian Recipes You Must Try Before You Die

  1. Seitan pot roast

seitan roast sensi

Firstly, seitan, also known as wheat gluten, wheat meat, gluten meat or simply gluten, is a meat alternative that is made from gluten – the main protein of wheat. Seitan has the chewy or stringy texture that resembles most to meat texture compared with tofu. On first glance, you would not think seitan pot roast is a vegetarian meal. It is packed with tender seitan, finest spices, and tasty vegetables including potatoes, carrots, and mushrooms drenched in thick rich gravy. This recipe is the best replacement when you are missing your traditional meat pot roast.

  1. Tempeh Picatta and Tempeh BBQ Ribs


Tempeh is a traditional soy product made by natural culturing and controlled fermentation process. The fermented soybeans result into a cake form product. The fermentation process and the retention of the whole bean enable the finished product to retain the high content of protein, dietary fiber, and vitamins. The nutritional value in tempeh aids in stabilizing blood sugar level and in lowering cholesterol. Tempeh Picatta is one good example of a delicious and healthy tempeh dish that are commonly served with white wine for a formal dinner party. If you are having barbeque cravings, you can also try a tasty Tempeh Barbecue Ribs served with mashed potatoes and coleslaw.

  1. Tofu Scramble with Nutritional Yeast

tofu scramble at sensi

Tofu is an excellent and known soybean-based meat substitute that comes in soft white blocks. Tofu is a great base for dishes, and like most base foods, the tastefulness relies upon the combination of ingredients. A tofu scramble recipe uses the simple blend of oils, spices, and vegetables, but adding a nutritional yeast to the formula makes a great delicious difference. This recipe is best for a protein-packed breakfast or brunch as a substitute to fluffy egg meals.

  1. Zucchini Pasta

pasta sensi restaurant

Are you craving for a pasta on a summer day? Try the vegetarian pasta made out of zucchini ribbons and choose from a tomato sauce or a creamy avocado plus cucumber sauce. If want a break from gluten meals or on close observance with your weight, you then should know that zucchinis are low in calories and contains a good amount of folate, potassium, and pro-vitamin A.

  1. Raw Cheesecake

cheesecake recipe

Raw cheesecakes use cashews to achieve a creamy dairy-like consistency for vegan dishes. The unmistakably smooth delicious taste you can get from raw cheesecakes can effectively answer your dairy cravings.

  1. Jicama


Jicama is root vegetable that comes with a crunchy flesh almost similar to a potato, making it a great replacement for fries. It is creamy white with a crisp texture that tastes sweet and starchy. Jicama is a good source of vitamin C and potassium, great for snacks over talks.

  1. Chocolate Avocado Fudge


Go spoil yourself a little with this recipe made up of avocado, coconut, and dark chocolate. Healthy moderation of dark chocolate is good, but remember and never forget the moderation part. Dark chocolates have cocoa solids that contain healthy compounds with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Add the nutritional value from the avocado and you are good to go with your healthy chocolate treat for yourself.